🔆 How to stand out at a massive SaaS conference? 

“Ton, we’re participating in a large Cyber Security conference in London; what can we do differently to stand out?”

This question is one I recently explored with one of my customers.

What came out of our exploration is worth sharing – cause simply copying what’s on your website isn’t going to work.

Here’s the thing

One rule does apply: You have 2 seconds to capture someone’s attention. But how you go about it is different.

Leading with the benefit will not work – cause that’s what everyone does

Leading with the problem won’t work either, though.


Why? Because there’s a barrier. 


Just put yourself in the shoes of someone walking past your booth.

People walking by won’t come to you to confess they’re in a mess

They’ll always want to keep up appearances they’re doing fine


So to stand out, you need a different strategy


And one that works great is: Intrigue

Intrigue does two things

  • It will allow you to stand out from the crowd
  • It will work as a conversation starter


Another one that works is to play with strong-held believes

  • It will credibly disqualify the wrong people
  • It will magically help you attract the right ones


Question for you to reflect about

On your next SaaS conference – what will be the 2-second stroll stopper that will help you attract exactly the right people?


Be Remarkable


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