🔆 How to start a movement in SaaS?

How to start a movement in SaaS?

It’s the central question we aimed to answer on the Share Cast podcast hosted by Quintus Willemse, CEO of Share Council.

To grow in B2B SaaS, there are two typical motions: Product Led Growth and Sales Led Growth. Regardless of which one you favor, execution is virtually always by push, i.e., a serious effort by the vendor to get people to buy.

What fascinates me is this: How can you flip the effort and turn a push effort into a pull effect? That’s where the power of creating a movement comes in.

Creating a pull effect is hard for a variety of reasons. The most important one is: It’s not about the relationship between you and your buyers. Instead, it’s about the bond your ideal buyers have between each other. 

Here’s the thing

Movements can start and flourish when three criteria are true.

  1. An inspiring cause: The most critical ingredient for a movement is a single idea or cause for people to gather around.
  2. A critical gap: People need to acknowledge a vital gap between where they stand today and where they want (or need) to be. 
  3. The power of together: They also realize that the only way to succeed in bridging the gap is to master it together

Question for you to reflect upon:

What’s the inspiring cause that unites your ideal customers? What can you do differently to help them master this together? 

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