๐Ÿ”† I sold my '79 Defender and here's what I learned...

A good 2 years ago my wife called me as I was driving home from Alicante airport: ‘I’ve seen your dream car!’ she yelled

And yes – there it was, parked at a restaurant next to the CV32 in a town next to where I live in Spain.

I called the number that was visible on a sign in the window, drove it the day after – and 3 days later it was mine.

I could vividly see myself driving with my surfboards on the roof to the beach. Arm out of the window, the breeze in my hair. This was going to be โ€˜my buddy.โ€™

Long story short – it didn’t go that way.

The car needed work.

No problem – I was up for that. That picture of what was to come was just too good.

So a befriended mechanic did his magic on the engine. Complete revision.

We painted it in a cool black & white contrast. Redid the interior in with beautiful white leather.

And time went by – and I never got to the point where I’d throw my surfboard on the roof to go out surfing. In fact, I waited to get the roof bars done until it was perfect.

A year went by – and another 6 months – and then it hit me. This was a project. A hobby. And it was not for me.

So after a long debate with myself, I decided to break with my Defender. I put it out for sale again

What happened then told me some valuable lessons about sales…

A garage of some friends on the road from Jesus Pobre to Javea wanted to help sell the car.

It got advertised on the popular car sites – and then the waiting began

Quite a bit of interest – nothing serious. โ€œTire kickersโ€ so to say. Sometimes coming by, sometimes just communicating via Whatsapp or email. Bold enough to bid just 50% of the price.

Three months went by – nothing but frustration. Until that moment.

We told a friend about the fact the Defender was for sale. She told her daughter-in-law – and that’s where things sparked.

It was exactly what she’d dreamed about. She was about to move from the Netherlands to Ibiza – and this was going to be โ€˜her buddy’.

The asking price was no issue. She happily paid 10% upfront to reserve it, and 2 months later she came to collect it herself – to proudly bring it home to Ibiza.

The lesson I learned:

1 – That what you might think you want – is not always what your need

2 – That price is a story in your mind. For the wrong people, it’s always going to be too much. For the right one, it’s a bargain

3 – It’s not the features or the facts that sell – it’s the story that sells – the story we tell ourselves, and the emotion that’s connected to that.

Question for you to reflect upon:

What’s a valuable sales story you recently learned (the hard way)?


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