๐Ÿ”† In what way are you a magnet for the right customers?

One quote from my interview with Charlotte Melkert, CEO of Equalture, earlier this week represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon.

When we started, our tone of voice was very confrontational, focusing on the company’s purpose around unbiased hiring. As a result, we attracted many customers aligned with our vision.ย 

But as we began to grow, we started to make mistakes. We got VCs on board and believed we needed to show them we could reach our targets. As a result, we started trying to make our product work for everyone. Our message got more and more vague. And all of a sudden, we began promoting playbooks around decreasing your time to hire and being more efficient with your resources. These are not the reasons why you should be working with our platform.ย 

So, we had a marketing team meeting where we said, ‘The way we communicate to people is not who we are; we are just trying to get customers on board. This is not the reason why we started this company.ย 

So, we went back to our core: This is why we do it; if you don’t agree with what we do or why we do what we do, no hard feelings, but then you shouldn’t be our customer, which also meant that we started even to let go of some customers.ย 

Here’s the thing:

One critical aspect that characterizes remarkable SaaS businesses is that they take position – and act on it. Taking position allows them to become a magnet for exactly the right customers. Even a single line on their homepage will make the right customer instantly say; That’s us! This is what we believe and care about as well!ย 

Just because you have VCs on board doesn’t mean you have to depart from your core. They invested in you because they believed in your mission and growth opportunity. Cherish this.ย 

Remarkable SaaS companies acknowledge they can’t please everyone – and that’s OK. That way, they can hone in on the essence, hit the right nerve, and create pull from the market with something valuable and desirable.ย 

Listen to the podcast (this quote starts at the 18.10 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon:

Is the headline on your website a magnet that attracts exactly the right customers? Why not?ย 


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