๐Ÿ”†ย  Instantly standing out for your ideal customers

“We had lines of people interested in what we have to offer because we were so different than the rest of them there – It was like a real David versus Goliath type of situation.”

This is a quote from Neta Meidav, Co-founder and CEO of Vault Platform. I interviewed her for this week’s podcast.

First, we explore what’s broken in the world of misconduct reporting.ย 

Then, Neta shares her vision of how to solve this problem for good and why that needs a radically different approach.ย 

Next, she elaborates on the lessons learned from the pivots she had to undergo, how that turned their entire GTM on its head, and what it took to create a dent in a market that huge companies dominate.ย 

Lastly, she shares her secrets on how to turn every employee, their family, and their friends into advocates for the mission.

Beyond that, what makes this interview a must-listen-to is:

  1. Learn why creating remarkable solutions is not about making legacy a digital experience but about changing human behavior.
  2. How to find out as early as possible that your SaaS business needs to pivot.
  3. How to create a SaaS business that remains relevant at all timesย 
  4. Why, in order to create remarkable value, we should start with the change we seek to make instead of the output we need to produce
  5. How to make the impossible possible

Key takeaway: Clearly stating who you’re NOT for can be the perfect magnetizer to attract the people who you ARE for

Listen to my interview with Neta


Question for you to reflect upon:

Imagine your SaaS business participates in a conference with 100s of larger competitors – What’s the likelihood your ideal customers will swarm at your booth?


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