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Earlier this week, Seymur Rasulov (Co-founder of Whelp) shared 3 of his favorite questions from Sales Meetings.

One question triggered me: “Does that sound fair?”


Here’s the thing

It shows you care and gets the customer to reflect on whether they get value for money. 

Too often, customers forget what they are trying to achieve by investing in your software. 

Without our guidance, they quickly adopt a too-tactical mindset. 


The result: They judge your solution based on the wrong criteria, such as whether they like the user experience.


Asking the question, “Does that sound fair?” gives them a reality check by silently answering the question, “Am I prepared to pay this?”

  • If it’s ‘No’ – they’ll tell you. That’s fine – now you know.
  • If ‘yes’ -that’s a great buying sign.
  • If they smile (or even giggle), you know you’re not charging enough.


I’ve mentioned it many times before – Price is a story. 

What’s not fair for one is super cheap for another. 

That’s an opportunity. 

  • Focus on the latter (niche down). 
  • Find out why they perceived it so cheap.
  • Adjust your pricing … because you’re worth it.


I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard (in hindsight when I was working at Unit4), “Honestly, Ton, your solution was by far the best solution for us, AND it was the cheapest.” 


Question for you to reflect upon

Could your current pricing be “too fair” for your ideal customers?


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