🔆  Is your SaaS business “Data-centric Customer Focused?”

🔆  Is your SaaS business “Data-centric Customer Focused?”

In yesterday’s CEO Mastermind session, one CEO shared the secret to the momentum behind his business.

The secret superpower is about two principles: Data Centricity and Customer-Centricity.  How do you know you have this? Test this.

Is your customer able to answer two very, very simple questions?

    1. What can they do with your product that they can’t do without it?
    2. What can they do with your product that they can’t do with any of your competition?

If they can answer those questions quickly, sustainably, and articulately, you know that you have found that elusive product-market fit and that you’re customer-centric.

Here’s the thing

Many SaaS professionals say they are customer-centric, but they aren’t. Instead, they think they know best and follow their internal logic (or that of their competitors.) 

The result: They struggle to grow adoption and actual usage of their solution and fail to create predictable traction.

As our guest yesterday stated:

A lot of people have a lot of opinions. However, very few people have the data that combines both principles into an operating principle: could you be “data-centric customer-focused?” 

My bet is: you’re going to be very successful because if you’re solving a real-world problem, and you have the data to prove it, then it becomes a relatively simple exercise: rinse and repeat, finding more customers, making sure you continue to solve these problems. 

Question for you to reflect upon:

On a scale of 1-10: How “data-centric customer-focused” is your SaaS business? 


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