🔆 Is your SaaS business positioned too broadly?

🔆 Is your SaaS business positioned too broadly?

TL;DR – To become the desirable factor in your market, you must first say goodbye to the distracting revenue.

When you see a new competitor in the market every other day, that signals that you’ve positioned yourself too broadly.

That’s a question I explored with Lars van Wieren, Founder and CEO of Starred. 

We discuss the biggest mistakes Lars made in taking Starred where it is today. Then, he explains what made him decide to restart the company and say goodbye to 80%-90% of (distracting) revenue and how he used the momentum of the fresh start as the mechanism to dominate the right market segments. 

Beyond that, what makes this interview a must-listen-to is this

  1. The signals to pay attention to understand you’re positioned too broadly
  2. Why you should consider opting for stable slow-growth markets over extreme high-growth markets to grow fast
  3. That defensible differentiation is not about having most features and functions
  4. What metrics to hit before going into the next market

Listen to the podcast interview with Lars.


Question for you to reflect upon:

What % of your SaaS revenue is distracting revenue? Honestly. What does that say about your positioning?


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