🔆 Is your SaaS roadmap led by Fear-of-Missing-Out?

TL;DR: Instead of being obsessed by the Fear-of-Missing-Out, leverage the Joy-Of-Missing-Out to help your customers make a difference

Some B2B software companies grow more fans than others.

Why? They solve valuable problems like nothing else.

It’s so tempting to fall into the trap of shiny objects – just look at what’s currently happening around ChatGPT.

It keeps most business software companies busy and brings them nothing.

True momentum arrives when you solve valuable problems in ways worth making a remark about. 

Valuable problems get noticed when they’re solved – not only by your customer but also by their customers.

It gives your customers a position of advantage, turning them into fans.

So, what if…

  • Instead of getting obsessed with adding ChatGTP to our suite, we’d spend time truly understanding the problem our customer dreams of solving.
  • Instead of wasting scarce R&D time on that shiny object, we’d devote our energy and best people to solving the next most valuable problem.
  • Instead of being obsessed about the Fear-of-Missing-Out, we’d leverage the Joy-Of-Missing-Out on doing what helps our customers make a difference.

You get the idea

These are just a few mindsets that will help to do what matters: Creating fans, not just customers.

Question for you to reflect upon

What on your SaaS roadmap will help key users make a remarkable difference that will turn them into ambassadors? What does this tell you?


Be Remarkable


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