🔆 Let's ditch 'You'll be more efficient...'

“You’ll be more efficient….”

Let’s ditch this from our SaaS messaging
Here’s why…

I am at the end of the first week of a Traction Foundation workshop with one of my clients, and one team member raised a critical point:

“Hi team! As I’m looking at the ‘what keeps our customers up at night’ list, how is it possible that all pain points related to “becoming more efficient” score low on ‘valuable’ and ‘critical’? “

Great question – here’s the thing:
“Efficiency” is only the vehicle to solve much more significant problems.

In other words:
People don’t get fired for not being “efficient.”
They get fired for everything that goes wrong because of poor efficiency.

Things like
… being consistently too late delivering x
… repeatedly not meeting expectations dealing with y
… not being able to improve the quality of z

Key take away
Stop using ‘you’ll be more efficient in your messaging
👎 – It doesn’t resonate with decision-makers
👎 – It’s not what keeps them up at night
👎 – It’s not creating any urgency to act

Instead, address the outcomes they’re responsible for
👍 – That’s where you’ll make an emotional connection
👍 – That’s where you’ll hit the right nerve – it will create an itch
👍 – That’s where you’ll get people to pay attention and act.

Question to you:

Looking at your SaaS solution: How often do you use generic promises like ‘be more efficient?’ in the messaging?
What outcome should you really address?


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