🔆 Leveraging the art of B2C positioning in B2B

Why do so many B2B SaaS businesses struggle to fill the top of the funnel?

One consistent conversation I have with B2B SaaS CEOs is about this: How can we generate more top-of-the-funnel leads? The challenge has two components: More volume and, more importantly, the need for more quality. So, the question that intrigues me is: What can we learn from the B2C space to solve this challenge? Cause B2C is all about volume and high-quality leads.

When I compare B2B and B2C at a 30000 ft level, I see this:

  • B2B is more about education and efficiency. B2C is more about entertainment and convenience
  • B2B is about building personal relationships. B2C is about building transactional relationships. 
  • B2B is about logic and features. B2C is more about desires and benefits
  • B2B is about satisfying long-term goals. B2C is about satisfying short-term goals

One thing where B2B and B2C are equal is: The buyer is always a consumer. 

No matter if the business we sell to employees is 2, 200, or 2000 people, one person makes the final decision – and that person is the same person that buys that Christmas present for their partner later today.

So why don’t we leverage the things that position B2C brands so strongly in our minds to position the B2B business we own or run?

  •  Make it more entertaining to stand out
  •  Focus more on convenience to provide peace of mind
  •  Inject emotion to hit the right nerve and create an intense desire
  •  Address the valuable and urgent needs to get in and spark momentum

We’re thinking too abstractly about B2B. We create too much distance. And with that, we’re missing an ample opportunity.

What if we’d address our ideal buyers with more empathy? Wouldn’t they feel more heard and understood? Doing so will turn you into a magnet for the right customers, and they’ll find you in volumes. 

Stop creating distance – start building an emotional connection.

Your buyers are still consumers. So be as clear as humanly possible.


Question for you to reflect upon

How would you position your SaaS business differently if you imagined targeting a business of 1? 


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