🔆 Making curiosity your unfair advantage

🔆 Making curiosity your unfair advantage

Today I reflected on 2022 again, and it struck me how much contrast I continue to see between the vibe in startups and the established ones.

The biggest difference: 

  • Startups: Genuine interest in becoming better
  • Established: ‘We know our stuff; We’re doing great,’ arrogance

A healthy curiosity somehow gets replaced by complacency as companies evolve.

And it’s not a top leadership issue. It’s across the board. In Product Development, Marketing, Sales, and Services; everywhere.

Suddenly people seem to stop

  • asking clarifying questions to their customers
  • discussing the tough topics with management
  • caring about the other departments
  • challenging their own work
  • pushing boundaries

What I consistently see in the startup scene:

  • they spot the signals that drive opportunity earlier than others
  • they create an ability to stay ultra-relevant in their category
  • they find answers to issues others keep struggling with
  • they prevent themselves from becoming complacent
  • they win the war against the established leaders

They leverage curiosity as their unfair advantage.

It’s a choice. Free to take in 2023.

Question for you to reflect upon:

On a scale of 1-10 – how is curiosity being leveraged as an unfair advantage inside your SaaS business? Why do you think that’s the case?


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