🔆 Making your ideal customers say: “That’s me!”

🔆 Making your ideal customers say: “That’s me!”

One segmentation ingredient that’s a massive attractor but virtually always forgotten: Clarity about what your ideal customers stand for.

Let me explain this.

Imagine you’re looking for a new SaaS solution to manage internal services. You meet two vendors – which one would you be drawn towards?

🤔 – “It’s a platform for the service departments within mid-sized service-centric organizations,”
🤔 – “It’s a platform for service teams passionate about making things happen.”

Do you feel the difference?

The first line is factually perfectly correct and explains things at the demo-/firmographics level. Next, the other vendor articulates what their ideal customers firmly stand for.

Why is this important? Describing what your ideal customers feel strongly about creates a natural pull. They instantly think, “That’s me!”

They’ll react so strongly because this is what they unconditionally fight for when dealing with their customers. It’s what gives them energy.

So, how can you find out? Well, first of all, by paying attention to what characterizes those customers that become your ambassadors. What do you sense when working with them?

Alternatively, visit the About page on your customer’s website and read between the lines of what they promise to their customers.

On the About page, you usually find more nuggets of gold, namely, their values. So why not include that as well in how you segment your market?

Let me extend the earlier mentioned example:

“It’s a platform for service teams passionate about making things happen. Teams that believe in empowering people. They are strongest when working together, and for whom making an impact is their calling.”

Just think about it. The only thing to do is to state what they already state, and your ideal customers will say: ‘That’s me!’

My question for you to reflect upon today:

What could you add to your segmentation that your customers will instantly connect with and say, ‘That’s me!’


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