๐Ÿ”†ย “Never underestimate the power of the dream.”

๐Ÿ”†ย “Never underestimate the power of the dream.”

A quote from Yair Levy, CEO of Brain.Space. It’s the red thread throughout the inspiring interview I had with him.

Beyond that, what makes this interview a must-listen-to

  1. ย You’ll learn how defining their vision has enabled to them to achieve the unimaginable.ย 
  2. Learn how to build an organization and culture that can move mountains.ย 
  3. Learning what it takes to achieve remarkable achievements
  4. What is the secret sauce is of creating an excellent entrepreneurial venture
  5. How to create the balance in your team to keep thinking out of the box, stabilize thoughts and create successful innovation

The link to the full interview

Question for you to reflect upon:

What’s the dream you’re chasing with your SaaS business? Is it something your customers get excited about?

Be Remarkable

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