🔆 No one does that

“When you come up with an approach that inspires you to say, ‘No one does that,’ you have found a different idea.

Different is not some massive change. It rarely is. Small changes that are different win. Different is hardly ever outrageous, but it is always atypical.”

It’s a quote from the book ‘Get different’ by Mike Michalowicz that is music to my ears.

When I look at the B2B software space, virtually no one is leveraging being different. It’s a sea of sameness.

Most vendors try to blend in – hence they’re all invisible.
Most vendors try to be better – though it’s tough to see ‘better.’

Being better is very costly…
It’s a battle no one can win…
Unless you have bottomless pockets.

So my question to reflect upon today:

What experiment could you start today that no one does? Something that is unignorable and inspires your ideal customer to act instantly.


Be Remarkable

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