🔆 "The real value we're delivering isn't clear ...."

I had two calls last week with different SaaS CEOs telling me about the same underlying problem: Unclarity about the real value they deliver.

“We’re getting traction, but margins are low. The thing is, we’re charging by transaction volume, and our customers expect the lowest possible prices. Not sustainable.”

The other one:

“Over the past ten years, our differentiation has vanished. We’ve called it up on ourselves – too eager to say ‘yes’ all the time – and that’s become a problem. We haven’t made enough tough choices and done too little on the choices we did make.”


Here’s the thing

When you’re unclear about the value you’re delivering, the market (and your competitors) will push you around.


  • Customer demands will just become more unrealistic over time.
  • Customers will compare you to all kinds of competitors – realistic or not.
  • It feels like you’re becoming more and more steerless.


How to get out of this cycle of doubt?

Getting back to clarity.

Clarity about the value you offer that people want but cannot get elsewhere.


It’s as simple as that. 

From my re-positioning work with all my customers, 99 out of 100 times, that turns out to be something different than you think.

So look beyond the obvious.


Question for you to reflect upon

What’s the value you deliver that your ideal customers want but cannot get elsewhere? 


Ps – if you want to take action on this yourself – here’s your next step: Read my essay “5 steps to optimally position your SaaS business”


Be Remarkable


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