๐Ÿ”† “Our inbound referral growth is now more than 80%”

๐Ÿ”† “Our inbound referral growth is now more than 80%”

One quote from my interview this week withย Gorish Aggarwal, CEO ofย Sybill AI represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon – for all of us:

When we first started, we wanted to mimic a lightning experience. We wanted to provide users with real-time insights during the call. That would be super amazing. However, we realized in the first few months that people were distracted by these real-time notifications.

We eventually made a tough call to shift from that real-time insights to providing these insights post-meeting.

With our technical background, we believed that real-time was really cool. Besides that, it was hard to do. But it was not what the customers wanted. So, our decision to move away from real-time became our most valuable play from the long-term perspective.

Here’s the thing

Just because we believe something is cool from a technology perspective doesn’t mean it’s solving a valuable and critical problem for our customers. And just because of that, it will hit you in the face: slow (or no) adoption, frustration, churn.

How to avoid this?

This is the lesson Gorish shared:

You do need to get your product out there as soon as possible. Because the hypothesis you feel is the most important in the world is not valuable for your users. And something else entirely different would turn out to be far more relevant, far more practical, and valuable.

What’s the bonus you’ll get from doing this? Here’s what Gorish’s experience is:

“Our users became true champions because they knew they were being heard and their problems solved. They started to market our product for us. We haven’t spent many marketing dollars. But our inbound referral growth has been more than 80% of our business.”

Question for you to reflect upon

What’s the likelihood your next SaaS release will turn more users into fans – because you listened actively? Are you confident?


Here’s the link to the full episode: (His quote is around the 16.00 mark) – https://valueinspiration.com/gorish-aggarwal/


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