🔆 Pains to solve vs. Tensions to manage

TL;DR: Solving customer pains makes you valuable – taking away their tensions as well makes you desirable

Imagine this. 

Your team is planning the GTM for the new release of your SaaS solution. 

It’s been a massive undertaking. 

Everyone is proud, and the expectations are high.

You’re sitting down with your head of marketing to discuss the plan. 

The one thing you want to be convinced about is: How will we communicate the pain this release will solve?


First of all – Kudos for being sharp on the pains to solve; most B2B SaaS vendors ignore entirely that.

But I want to give you another angle to stand out and hit the right nerve with your buyer: Tensions to manage.

Think about it. How often are we forced to either this or that choice?

  • Reliability or speed?
  • Quality or compliance?
  • Increase revenue or profit?

The number of tensions your customers have to manage are countless – and while they know the best answer is often ‘both’ – they’re forced to compromise.


What if you stopped that from happening? 

What if you could help them solve that revenue growth challenge..
…without having to compromise profit

What if you could help them be the most reliable supplier to their customer…
…without having to compromise resilience


Question for you to reflect upon

What tensions are you taking away from your SaaS customers? What if you’d leverage that in your positioning?


Be Remarkable


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