🔆 Perfect segmentation is like your favorite cocktail.

🔆 Perfect segmentation is like your favorite cocktail.

Sunday, I was enjoying a cocktail with my wife and sons on the rooftop terrace at Nomad, in the port of Javea, where we live. It was a perfect celebration of a nice, relaxing holiday.

Then, as I was planning my week this Monday, I reflected on a blog I’ve been eager to write about the art of segmentation. And suddenly, this picture of the cocktails came back.

To me, the perfect segmentation is like your favorite cocktail.

I’ve experienced over the years that getting segmentation right comes down to how you mix a range of ingredients.

  • It drives good conversations: It helps you find those customers with whom you’re on the same wavelength. They believe what you believe and vice versa. It’s about “yes, and…”, not “yes, but…”
  • It sparks energy: It helps you find those customers where every time you see them, it sparks positive energy – no matter where you are alongside the relationship journey.
  • It attracts an audience prepared to pay a premium: The mix attracts the right buyer who understands the value you offer. What you offer doesn’t need a sell to them. They desire it.

I can go on like this – but you get the drill. So the big question is, what are those ingredients? And to that, there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s unique to you and your ideal customers. And that makes segmentation so valuable. It allows you to create the optimal mix desired by this unique group of customers that instantly become your fans.
But let me break it down with a recipe (without the measures, though)

  1. Ingredient #1 – Demographics
  2. Ingredient #2 – what they aspire
  3. Ingredient #3 – what they stand for and value
  4. Ingredient #4 – what they can’t do without
  5. Ingredient #5 – what risk do they tolerate

Question for you to reflect upon:

Look critically at how you segment your SaaS solution today: how many ingredients have you used up to now? What if you’d start adding ingredients – how would that help attract a better customer?

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