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This week, I’ll dive into some less apparent areas to spot positioning problems within your SaaS Business: Product.

You likely think, ‘Hey Ton, how can that be? Isn’t our product providing the soil for our positioning?’ 

And you’re right – technically, your product should fuel your positioning, and if there are problems, they should appear elsewhere. However, no business or market is static. Things change, and hence, that quickly fires back on you.

So, what are some of the symptoms that indicate positioning has had its best time? 


Here are some I dealt with myself at Unit4 and see increasingly around me today with the SaaS companies I work with:

  1. Your product roadmap starts to feel all over the place. 
  2. Product stickiness is shrinking (daily active users (DAU) divided by the monthly active users (MAU)
  3. Upselling to your installed base feels increasingly challenging.
  4. Increased pressure from your CPO for additional resources.
  5. Churn is growing.


These challenges often grow on you over time without you even noticing. The art is in connecting the dots. 

It’s too easy to point your finger at Sales or Marketing for loosening the belts on the type of customers you attract. 


Very often, it’s due to a combination of factors:

  • Yes – loosening the qualification criteria in Sales & Marketing.
  • The rapid pace of new technology introduction.
  • New competitors are raising the bar in the market.
  • The ever-evolving norms and priorities of prospects and customers.
  • etcetera

All ingredients that influence the strength of your positioning.

The answer: A positioning revisit. it allows you to create clarity within each department where their focus will be most impactful.

All pretty important to win.


Question for you to reflect upon.

What are the biggest challenges faced in your product department right now? Could the root cause be a positioning problem?


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