🔆 "Proactiveness in a time where a lot of people are going to be reactive is a huge differentiator."

I was walking my dog this morning, listening to the Business of Authority podcast, when one of the hosts, Jonathan Stark, dropped this quote:

“Proactiveness in a time where a lot of people are going to be reactive is a huge differentiator.”

Just think about it – an economic downturn is looming, the news headlines are influencing many people, and investors are instructing their portfolios to take measures…

No one knows what will happen and how bad it will be – but one thing is sure: Many people will go into reaction mode.

How odd this might sound – this means opportunity for your SaaS business.

The secret? Indeed – being proactive.

Here are some ideas. What if you…
🤔…ask them what they’re most anxious about happening – and have a conversation about how you could prevent this together
🤔…offer them help on how to ensure they’d maximize their cash flow
🤔…ask them what they believe could not only help them survive but come out stronger altogether – and how you could amplify that

How do you think your customers would feel if you did this?

The question for you to reflect about:

What could you proactively reach out about that your customers would love?


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