🔆 Product- or Business Market fit?

Yesterday’s CEO mastermind discussed the relevance of “Product Market Fit” in a B2B SaaS context.

Here’s the thing

In a B2B SaaS context, companies don’t buy just the product, i.e., the sum of the features – that’s just an element of the whole package.

What your customers buy is this:

  • Your approach to helping them go live in the shortest amount of time
  • Your methodology to enable them to achieve maximum value fast
  • Your guarantees around support, compliance, privacy, security, etcetera
  • Your business model and how that translates into value
  • etcetera.

Too often, we obsess over the features and the UX – and ignore the ingredients that determine whether a customer actually wants to do business with us.

The result:

  • It stalls (or kills) sales velocity
  • It kills margin due to a high-touch non-scalable post-sale process
  • It fuels churn to do unwanted surprises post-sale

Not sustainable

Key takeaway: In B2B SaaS – aim for Business Market Fit, not just Product Market Fit


Question for you to reflect upon

On a scale of 1-10: How would your ICP rate the business market fit of your SaaS business if you’d ask them? 


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