🔆 Prospects opting for safe, mediocre alternatives….

Many SaaS startups offer remarkable products but constantly experience prospects opting for safe, mediocre alternatives.

Super frustrating. Every time it happens, you could pull your hair out and scream, ‘Don’t you get it?!’

I’ve experienced this firsthand in my previous career. 

Here are three things I learned in that period

  • It wasn’t because we lacked functionality
  • It wasn’t because our price was too high
  • It wasn’t because nobody knew us

It was because we believed every service organization needing a finance system could use it.

Just because an organization can technically use it doesn’t mean its people will buy it from you.

People are complex creatures. 

  • They are challenged by different things
  • They care about different things. 
  • They aspire to different things
  • They need different things.

Invest in understanding this – and predictable traction will follow.

Question for you to reflect upon:

Analyzing the last SaaS deal you lost recently – what did they really care about? How’s that different from what your ideal customers care about?


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