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Screaming what all the other SaaS vendors scream: So costly…

How many potentially ideal customers do you miss because your message is like all the others? Have you ever done the calculation?

I recently completed a repositioning project for a SaaS vendor in marketing automation, and in the process, I analyzed the messaging of 12 of their nearest competitors. Here’s what I found:

👎 – Ten out of 12 claimed to be ‘the leader’ (really?!….)
👎 – They all did ‘true personalization’, one even ‘truer’ than the other
👎 – They all claimed their Omni-channel platform was ‘the only’ one that covered ‘all the channels’
👎 – They all claimed to deliver ‘seamless,’ ‘tailor-made,’ ‘superior,’ ‘dynamic,’ ‘connected’ experiences
👎 – Oh, and before I forget, they all guarantee ‘deep, actionable insights.’ ….

Guess what… Even if their ideal customer saw this – they wouldn’t act.

They don’t care you are ‘the leader’…
Instead, they care about how you can help them become one…

They don’t care about your ‘truer’ personalization…
They care about how you can help them solve that pressing problem that has kept them awake at night for months…

Why am I making this rant?

Because this ‘big-word battle’ is one you can’t win.
It’s a battle you don’t want to win it either.

The only thing you get from this is ‘leads’ without a fundamental problem: The tire-kickers. Who wants those?

What’s worse – the next thing that happens is that
❌ – they ‘fill up’ your pipeline for months
❌ – keep your SDRs and Account execs busy and
❌ – demand a discount at the of your quarter-end because they don’t haven’t got any clue whom to choose.

What if, instead, you’d consider this:

✅ – Show empathy – address their problem, not your feature.
✅ – Be humble – everyone knows you can’t have the best solution for everyone. And that’s OK. Instead, be magical for a specific slice of the market. That’s magnetic
✅ – Be concrete – remove the distance (instead of creating it). Simply explain how you help them make a difference in words they can (and want to) repeat.


Be remarkable. It works

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