🔆 Remarkable SaaS companies understand they can't please everone

How often do you see claims like this on websites…

“…..flexible solutions that work for all businesses, regardless of size or budget.”

What do you think…? Be honest…

🤔 – Do you believe them?
🤔 – Does this increase their credibility?
🤔 – Does this make them more compelling for you?

Let me guess …. not really, correct?

Thursday, I analyzed 10 SaaS vendors in the IT Service Management space, and this was the common picture:

Most vendors try to be everything to everyone.

Why? Because they think it will bring them more leads and hope it will drive more growth.

The sad thing …. the opposite is true.

We all know the saying. If you try to please everyone, you’ll please no one. That’s true for everything – and also in B2B SaaS.

Imagine the vendor I quoted said something like this:

👉 – Software for Local authorities that aspire to deliver services more reliably
👉 – Solutions for SMBs who need to exceed service expectations at a lower cost
👉 – ITSM solutions designed to help care organizations end an era of overwhelm and chaos

Completely different experience already, right?!

As Peter Fishman, CEO of Mozart Data recently mentioned in our podcast interview:

‘the way to get traction is to be excellent…for a subset.’

Spot on! That’s what this is all about.


Define a niche suffering from a highly valuable and critical problem where you can exceed expectations.

Start there. Own it – then expand.


Question to reflect upon for you

How easy is it for your ideal customers to qualify themselves on your website and shout out loud: ‘That’s for me!’



Be Remarkable

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