🔆 Replacing fear with confidence in SaaS Sales

🔆 Replacing fear with confidence in SaaS Sales

Yesterday I talked with the head of Sales of a Logistics SaaS scaleup and asked him about his main aspiration/ challenge for 2023. His answer: 

#1 would be to make my team stay focused not just on hitting numbers, but on being able to ignore the current market situation, so they are not driven/affected by fear. 

Such a big thing – and so underrated 

Here is the thing

Fear in sales is the worst. Your customers and prospect can smell it from a distance. 

  • The problem with fear is that the focus turns on you (the seller), instead of the buyer. 
  •  Suddenly it’s not about the value you can (and should) help your customer create. But about the value, you still need to make your target
  •  Desperation creeps in and with that confidence sinks 

So how to avoid this? 

One thing to do there is to ensure your sales team (as well as marketing) is 100% confident they have their focus on today’s most valuable/critical problem(s) within your sweet-spot market. 

That has likely shifted due to the rapidly shifting market conditions. Remember: What was a priority yesterday doesn’t have to be a priority today. 

It goes back to “The Broken Triangle” in my book on page 24 – assessing the list of pains/challenges that keep your customers up at night around three core questions: 

  1. is it (still) valuable to solve?
  2. is it (still) critical on their agenda?
  3. can we exceed expectations?

Focus on the ones where you get three loud “Yes!”-es.

That’s where confidence kicks in – and confidence drives sales. 

Question for you to reflect upon

Where would increased confidence make a difference in your SaaS sales team?


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