🔆 Sales qualification mistake #3: We don't have the guts

One dangerous mistake in sales qualification I constantly see: We don’t have the guts. We simply want too badly.


Here’s the thing

A prospect connects. They schedule a meeting. The functionality they’re asking for is something you can deliver. Qualified.

Not so fast. Just because they are looking for functionality you can deliver doesn’t mean they’ll buy from you. 

Functionality is table stakes. 

It gives you the right to have the conversation in the first place. In a competitive market, it gives you a 10% chance to win the deal – at best. 


Let me illustrate

Yesterday evening, I ran a workshop with an enterprise SaaS sales team about the consequences of the repositioning project we did for their business.

As we went through the unique characteristics of the type of customers with the highest chance of becoming their ambassadors, one participant suddenly realized she should dump half her pipeline. 

“This now makes total sense,” she started, “and I just realized we have never really had the guts to say ‘No’ as soon we sense the signals of a customer we do not want (even though we can help them).”

“Somehow, we believe there’s a chance we might be able to do a deal with them – but more often than not, it’s misleading.’


Saying ‘No’ to a prospect who’s not a perfect fit is a gift.

It shows you care and that you’re in there for the right reasons.

It makes you credible, respecting their time and effort as much as yours.


If you want to over-achieve your targets every quarter

Give this a shot


Question for you to reflect upon

If you look at your sales pipeline, which deals are in there because you didn’t have the guts to say ‘no.’ What would happen if you told them ‘no’ today?


Be Remarkable


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