🔆 Some non-obvious signs that tell you it's time to reposition your SaaS product

We all know the typical situations where repositioning can give a new impulse to the traction you’re experiencing
👉 – poor lead quality
👉 – dragging sales cycles
👉 – poor win-rates
👉 – price feels like your only weapon

But there are many more reasons that are less obvious but certainly not less important. In fact, they’re all about capturing new opportunities.

Here are just 4 situations I often see:

🤔 – When you’re preparing your upcoming funding round.
I’ve repeatedly seen how unclear positioning harms in three ways: A lot of ‘no!’ responses, slack in the process, and…. poor valuation. And the looming economic downturn just made that worse.

🤔 – Right after you’ve secured your new round of funding.
New funding always brings new expectations. You secured the funding based on consistent XX% growth, and suddenly, expectations turn exponential.

🤔 – When (market) dynamics shift.
Your ideal customer characteristics won’t necessarily change when that happens, but their situation will. A minor tweak could turn your solution from nice to have into mission-critical. Worth paying attention to.

🤔 – When you’ve just released or acquired new capabilities.
These additions can instantly turn you from irrelevant into hyper-relevant for a market sub-segment and own it. Your opportunity: Have the guts to niche down and reposition.

Which non-obvious situations do you see to consider repositioning?

A question for you to reflect upon:
What growth opportunity is the SaaS business you own, run or work for leaving on the table because you’re not positioning correctly?


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