🔆 Speed vs. Scale: But what slows us down?

I think we can all picture the organizations that once got significant momentum but eventually slowed down.

It happened to Google. Slack. Workday
It’s not just famous brands. Every SaaS business hits a point where the pace of innovation slows as scale increases.

Every day I see (and have experienced myself) the signs.
Suddenly organizations:

  • Need acquisitions to keep up with the external growth and innovation expectations.
  • Hype minor product features as major innovations, where previously they wouldn’t even consider mentioning them.

Why does this happen? There are many explainable reasons.

  1. An ever-growing product set that needs to be maintained
  2. Technical debt as a result of the many (small) shortcuts taken
  3. The overhead (bureaucracy) effects on the organization as it grows in # of people.
  4. More and more individual (contractual) customer commitments from customers actually should be better off with the competition.
  5. Investor expectations that shift from top-line to bottom-line (EBITDA) impact – resulting in increased short-term targets and focus

Can you prevent this? Absolutely – but it’s a choice.
This fits some organizations very well – boring as a strategy. It’s fine.
They serve the Early and Late majority.
Their customers don’t want innovation.
They want stability because they are risk-avoidant.
They want something proven. Something stable.

But if you want to keep the vibe of this continuous stream of customers that turn into fans and spread the word for you like wildfire, being remarkable is the answer.

It’s possible – but it requires you to challenge yourself constantly.

Here are just three simple questions to get you going:

Remarkable SaaS companies

  1. realize they can’t please everyone
  2. deliver something valuable and desirable
  3. aim to be different, not just better

Question to you to reflect upon

On a scale of 1-10, how does your SaaS business score on these three questions? What could you change today to improve?

I’ve developed an anonymous assessment that you can run with your management team (and even customers) – DM me if you’d value doing this assessment for your SaaS business.


Be Remarkable

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