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I’ve spent 30.000+ hours learning how to create a SaaS company that stands out in a way that’s very hard to copy.

So, I decided to write down what I learned – so you don’t have to.

Here are the 10 most valuable lessons I learned:

  1. The number of patents you collect is worthless if you can’t show your customers why they should care about them.
  2. Don’t obsess over product. Obsess over approach.
  3. Dozens of competitors can copy WHAT you build, but it’s way harder to copy HOW you build it.
  4. The most potent positioning is when your ideal customer’s reaction is: “I need this!” and your competitor’s response is: “We’re in trouble”
  5. Give guarantees that others don’t dare to offer. It gives your customers confidence and your competitors headaches.
  6. Strengthening your strengths is how you win. Trippel down on what you’re good at.
  7. Go deep where others choose a shallow approach.
  8. Look beyond tech. Just because it’s SaaS doesn’t mean differentiation needs to be in the code. It’s about how you help customers make a difference like no one else can or does.
  9. In technology, it’s very easy for someone to create a better solution. It’s very difficult to beat someone’s business model.
  10. Don’t only make it harder for your competitors to compete – make it impossible to enter your market by growing economies of scale.


Question for you to reflect upon 

What’s the lesson that could have a big impact for you if you started focusing on it today?


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