🔆 Standing out takes courage.

When I speak to SaaS professionals about ‘standing out,’ virtually everyone nods this is what they want. 

If they all want it, why is it that only so few SaaS companies do stand out?


The thought kept me thinking as I enjoyed an espresso in my garden this morning. 

Beyond the fact it’s hard to achieve, this can’t be the only reason.


So what else is going on?


I parked the thought and picked up this book I started reading during my holiday last week: Snow Leopard.

After reading for a good half hour, it suddenly gave me another clue: 


It takes courage.

Why? Because standing out means standing alone.


It’s not that SaaS marketers aren’t smart enough. 

It’s because they lack the courage to say something different.


And, according to the Snow Leopard author’s research – that almost always came back to incentives. 

Marketers had little to gain by advocating for a different point of view but felt they had a lot to lose if the world (or their partners or boss) didn’t agree.


Eye-opening on one end.

But on the other end – it’s very understandable. 

The big question, however, is: What’s costing more? 


Here’s the thing: Not standing out means

  • Attracting high-quality leads is way more costly
  • Sales will have a much harder time winning business
  • Average dealsize will be way lower
  • Margin drains and profitability pressure will build


So what if we’d incent differently? 

What if we’d incent the outcomes that matter

What if we’d remove silo targets and align incentives across all departments?


Wouldn’t that drive the behavior the business (and your ideal customers) needs?


Question for you to reflect upon today:

Is courage preventing your SaaS company from standing out? What if you’d remove the barriers and encourage (incent) standing out?



Be Remarkable


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