🔆  Stop using your jargon – start using ‘their’ jargon

🔆  Stop using your jargon – start using ‘their’ jargon

As we all know: The B2B SaaS space is notorious for using jargon.

This week I saw a couple of examples again where I had to read twice before I got it (and with one, I couldn’t….).

Using jargon doesn’t help anybody.

👎 – Our potential customers don’t get it and are left confused.
👎 – Instead of building credibility, it does the opposite.
👎 – Even if customers get it – Jargon is always focused on what we do, not why they should care.

But ….. there’s a way to use jargon the right way.

What if we’d stop using our jargon – and start using ‘their’ jargon?

👍 – That’s what our ideal customers get like no one else.
👍 – That builds credibility – we actually speak their language.
👍 – They’ll notice – especially if we blend it in with a problem that keeps them up at night.

My question for you to reflect upon today:

Open your homepage: How much of the language on there is your jargon instead of ‘theirs’? What could you do in the coming week to flip that?


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