🔆 Surprise everyone - your customers, investors, yourself, ... even your competitors

Surprise everyone – your customers, your investors, yourself …. yes, even your competitors.

What if this became a reality for your SaaS business? Isn’t that what you’d love to come out of bed for every day? I would!

Yesterday I mention this sentence to B2B SaaS CEO, and it made her smile. I could see her wandering off, imagining what it would be like to be in this state for their SaaS business. And this happens all the time.

The question that always follows: Yes, but how?

My answer is always: It’s a mindset shift

  • Stop focusing on you – start focusing on them
  • Stop trying to please everyone – please the right ones
  • Stop thinking about your target – start thinking about their target

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s easy – but it is absolutely possible.
And it starts with these three simple rules.

Here’s why:

  • It will allow you to pinpoint those that need you most
  • It will help you to home in on ‘the thing’ that keeps them up at night
  • It will inspire you to build that what allows them to make the most significant difference.

That’s where the surprise flywheel starts

  • It turns customers into fans
  • It makes them want to buy more – more often
  • It triggers word of mouth – which inspires their peers to find you
  • It stops the debates about discounts – because the value is clear
  • It brings your growth flywheel in motion – and accelerates its pace rapidly
  • It will start to create surprise amongst your investors
  • It will even surprise you to see what your SaaS business is up to
  • It will bring resourcefulness, so R&D can do its magic every release without compromise
  • It will surprise your competitors with an approach they don’t have answers for.


Key takeaway: Stop trying to be better – aim to be different. Lead with surprise. 


Question for you to reflect upon

In what way can you surprise your ideal customer tomorrow?


Be Remarkable


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