๐Ÿ”† The attraction towards vague positioning.ย 

One of the biggest silent killers I see in B2B SaaS is vague positioning, i.e., the urge to appeal to everyone.

And although I cringe every time I see it –ย  I get it.ย 

You’re delivering a horizontal suite that technically can be used by everyone on the planet that does [recruitment/procurement/ sales / name your thing].

But here’s where problems start. Vague makes everything expensive.ย 

  • The efforts you have to pull off to attract.ย 
  • The loops & hoops you have to go through to sellย 
  • How easily your deployments will get out of hand
  • What your customer success team has to go through
  • What your product roadmap will look and feel like. Everything

Funny enough, we all know – but still, we opt for vague. Why?

It has a lot to do with fear.ย 

The fear of being excluded

The fear of choosing wrongly

The fear of being criticized by our investors


So how to go beyond that? It’s all about mindset.ย 


Here’s a powerful question to reflect upon. Answering this question will get you across the hurdle:

How big is your TAM by the # of potential customers, and how many do you need in 2023 to make a fantastic year?

Nine out of ten, this number is a fraction of the TAM.ย 

How would you position your SaaS business to become a no-brainer for exactly that small group?ย 

Remember: Positioning isn’t set in stone. Market dynamics change, your customers change, your solution evolves, and so does your SaaS business. Everyone wins when you’re optimized to deliver the most significant value to the right customer.ย 

That’s about taking position.

Taking that opportunity is a choice. Your choice.


Question for you to reflect upon

Picture your ideal customer – what positioning statement would make them say, “That’s exactly what I need – where have you been all this time?”


Be Remarkable

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