🔆 The best B2B SaaS Sales….

The best B2B SaaS sales….

  1. Don’t think ‘demo’ but ‘discovery.’
  2. Listen with the intent to learn, not answer.
  3. Ask questions that make customers open up to share what’s really at stake.
  4. Use discovery as an audition for the customer, and drive the conversation with the intent to qualify out.
  5. Tell customers what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.
  6. Only ‘qualify-in’ if 100% sure they are incomparable in helping the customer make a meaningful difference 
  7. Then they master the art of surprise and hitting the right nerve.
  8. Leverage the power of storytelling to create a desire between ‘what is’ and ‘what can be.’
  9. If they show the product, it’s focused on doing a proof of value, never a harbor tour.
  10. Lastly, they focus on the essence and make their offer about the most valuable and critical outcomes to the customer.

Question for you to reflect upon

What % of your SaaS salesforce matches this profile? What if they would?


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