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Far too many SaaS deals stall because there’s nothing to desire

Last week I had at least three discussions about the distinction between advantage and benefit. And in every debate, the understanding of the benefit was poor. 

The common mistake: We mistake features for benefits. That’s where problems start. So how to fix this? Let me explain. 

To me, Benefit and Advantage are like best friends. They go together everywhere. Let me illustrate this: Let’s say you’re selling a B2B SaaS solution. And your solution solves some mission-critical problems for your customers in a unique way.

How you do that provides a range of benefits to your customers. The moment they start to use it, they’ll see impact around f.ex.:

  • Stress levels go down because you can sort things within the set deadlines
  • Predictability improves because the speed, volume, and quality of their actions go up
  • Employee performance increases because they can get more work done with higher quality
  • Decisions become more impactful because the insights you get are more accurate and timely

In essence: A benefit is the positive effect of a series of actions. 

Let’s now switch to advantage. The advantage is the transformative effect created when you add all the benefits.

  • A cost-price advantage
  • A speed-to-market advantage
  • A reliability advantage towards customers, etcetera

As you see – there should be no reason for deals to stall.

On the contrary, when it’s crystal clear to your prospects what benefits and advantages they’ll gain from your SaaS product, you’ll create desire – and that sparks action.

Understanding this becomes your advantage: You can create a 1+1=3 effect—something remarkable that your customers will start talking about.

You can use this to your advantage to position your SaaS business to become incomparable in your prospect’s eyes.

Question for you to reflect upon

What’s the advantage your SaaS product provides that your customers would miss if it were gone? 


Be Remarkable

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