🔆  The trap of trying to grow at all cost

I see many SaaS founders struggle with scaling their business. The product has found its fit in the market, and it’s time to scale the business. But it doesn’t…

One mistake I see being made a lot is the urge to grow at all costs. 

Just go back to one of the lessons Sunny Han, CEO of the Fulcrum manufacturing platform, shared last week in our podcast:

“In the beginning, we had all these idealistic comments about how these legacy systems are so bloated, and they have all these fields everywhere. Well, what causes that is this desire to grow at all costs. We often said, ‘Alright, let’s add this little feature to close this deal.’ I thought, ‘They’re not big features, but the million little features cause the blow, right? And the market is huge.’

Here’s the thing

Sunny learned this didn’t work. Scaling is not about growing your ability to sell something to everyone. It’s about making it an art to selling what you have to the right customers – again and again. It’s about repeatability. Make sure that you continually deliver your best value to the customers that benefit most from it – across all cylinders of your business: Marketing, Sales, Services, and Customer success. 

Sunny and his team took valuable lessons from this – and changed:

We’ve changed our sales process to be more exclusive. Our sales process takes many weeks because we’re making sure that everyone understands what the future state will look like for them. We fundamentally filter out the people that don’t fit.  It helped us build this discipline of saying no more often than we’re saying yes – knowing the yeses are going to fit really well. It massively increases the credibility that we have with our customers.

It is where scaling starts. You’re putting a flywheel in motion that becomes unstoppable because every step strengthens your business.

Question for you to reflect upon:

If you’d say ‘no’ more often – what would that do to your ability to scale your SaaS business faster?

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