🔆 The value foundation of your SaaS business

🔆 The value foundation of your SaaS business

Coming week it’s precisely three years ago I published my book “The Remarkable Effect.” It was the remarkable date: 2/2/2020.

Recently, I recorded a testimonial with Michiel Schipperus, former-CEO of Sana Commerce, about the Value Proposition project we’d completed just before I published my book. And that’s where he said something surprising:

Reading your book (after our project) gave me a better understanding of the total concept of our value proposition and a framework for everything that it touches in a SaaS business. So, in hindsight, I wish I’d read it before.

I, therefore, recommend that people who consider working with you or anyone working on a value proposition project: Read the book before creating this critical foundation. 

Why did he mention this? 

Because we’re too often underestimating the power of something ‘as simple’ as your value proposition. “It’s just marketing,” – right? 

What Michiel has come to realize is the opposite. It’s the foundation of your SaaS business. It influences everything

  • Your ability to attract the right leads from the market
  • Your ability to slice sales cycles by months
  • your ability to stop losing against competitors
  • your ability to take average deal size to respectable levels
  • your ability to end an era of problematic implementations
  • your ability to allow R&D to focus on what matters
  • and so on

It’s for this reason that I divided my book into 3-parts:

  • The value lever (the foundation phase)
  • The volume lever (the momentum phase)
  • The viability lever (the resilience phase)

Question for you to reflect upon

What’s the most challenging hurdle you are trying to overcome in your SaaS business today? What if you’d stop fixing the symptoms and fix the root cause: Your value proposition?

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