🔆 "Timing is our enemy."

Last week’s live CEO Mastermind session was about this question: “Would your customers care if you’d cease to exist today?”

We chose this question to answer a bigger one: What’s your ability to deliver something valuable and desirable?

Concerning this, one participant said: “Today, our value perception is not there. But, as people stay on our platform, that value stickiness grows.”

Another participant said, “We have too many projects we can consume. The race we have is more about timing. Timing is our enemy. It just takes too long to do everything.”

This brings the valuable distinction between Timing and Time. So, where do you put your bets?

Here’s the thing:
Research has shown that the single biggest reason startups succeed is timing. But, unfortunately, that’s super hard – and tied to many critical decisions.

🤔 – Where do you place your bets? How many eggs do you want to have in your basket? One to go fast or three to spread your options?
🤔 – What’s the right moment to launch? With a minimum viable product to find your wedge in asap, or with a more mature solution?
🤔 – Do you decide on a product-led growth approach and eliminate all the friction to make adopting fast and low touch?
🤔 – Or do you bet on a Sales led approach with more vetting upfront (slowing down sales cycles) but less churn risk after decisions are made?

The problem? Offering something valuable and desirable isn’t about short-term wins. It’s about embedding yourself for the long term.

What’s at stake? If the value & desirability isn’t there from the start, it hurts your ability to grow ‘enough’ traction. If it’s the value is too shallow, the desirability will fade out fast, resulting in churn.

The urgency? Finding the balance – enough to find your wedge in at the right moment and enough bandwidth to keep building the value & desire momentum. And this is all about resourcefulness.

So my question to reflect upon today:

In your SaaS business – what’s your major enemy: Timing or time? What could you change to turn this around?


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