🔆 Tuning Sales Performance in Q1

🔆 Tuning Sales Performance in Q1

Just before Christmas, I posted a short daily reflection on the big question: How to build predictability in 2023 SaaS Sales? 

Ariel Hitron, CEO of SecondNature, a B2B SaaS Sales Training platform, asked me to expand on this and write a detailed guest blog on their website in which I expand on each of the five tips to make them directly actionable.

For your convenience and reminder, here are the tips again.

  • Tip #1: Turn discovery into an audition for the customer
  • Tip #2: Always remember, you’re the guide; your customer is the hero
  • Tip #3: Focus on solving the problem instead of showing the product
  • Tip #4: 2023 is full of dynamics – so focus on what’s (become) mission-critical
  • Tip #5: Claim pole position from the start – be remarkable in every step of the process

Read the ‘Why and How’ part on the blog on SecondNature’s website

Question for you to reflect upon: 

Which of these five tips could significantly impact your SaaS business in the coming quarter?


Be Remarkable

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