🔆 Turning a valuable service into scalable SaaS company

How do you turn a Service business into a scalable SaaS company?

That’s the question I explored in my interview with a 25-year veteran and innovator in environmental sustainability for industrial facilities: 

Slava Libman, CEO of FTD Solutions.


Here are my 7 highlights:

  1. If there are other companies that can do something that you can do, don’t get involved.
  2. Focus on those areas where you have that unique value proposition that creates bigger opportunities for value creation, and overall success.
  3. Don’t deal with your weaknesses – focus on putting your strengths together.
  4. Zoom into the customers where the problem you solve best is perceived as mission-critical.
  5. Realize your Go-To-Market strategy is not only about how you approach the market, but more importantly, clarity about what you sell and who you sell it to.
  6. Operate as an inverse pyramid – make leaders in your company serve everybody else, while everybody else serves customers.
  7. Create actionable values and a routine that makes everyone in your company WANT to live those values – every single day. 


Click here to listen to the interview with Slava.


Question for you to reflect upon

Which of the 7 points in this list would make your SaaS business instantly stronger if you’d focus on it?


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