🔆 "We could not do this without this product…"

“There needs to be something in your product that somebody could report back to their boss and say, ‘We could not do this without this product.’

This is the answer Dmitri Sirota, CEO of BigID when I asked him about a key trait a software business needs to have to create products customers fall in love with.

Beyond that, what makes this interview with Dmitri a must-listen-to is this:

  1. The route they’ve taken towards product-market fit and carving out a business model that could fuel exponential growth. 
  2. Their approach to creating defensible differentiation, and an ability to expand their story ahead of the competition catching up. 
  3. Get his view on how to create your own blue ocean within a large red ocean
  4. What’s the single most important answer to look for when defining product strategy
  5. The things you should avoid doing as an early-stage B2B SaaS founder

Here’s the link to the full interview

 Question for you to reflect upon:

What do your prospects report back to their boss to convince him/her that they badly need your SaaS product?


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