🔆 The single use-case you could focus on to become irresistible

🔆 The single use-case you could focus on to become irresistible

One quote from my interview earlier this week with Dr. Patrick Oehler, Co-CEO of Retorio AI, represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon: 

I asked Patrick: What has been a decision that has been very important in hindsight? Here’s what he answered:

The most important thing is to find your niche and not get distracted too much, but also not to find that niche too quickly. Because if you find your niche too swiftly and focus too soon on something, there’s a high chance of focusing on the wrong thing. We always tried out different directions, but we kept the technology we developed use-case-agnostic. So if the niche that we think might be our market doesn’t work out, the technology can cater to 100 different cases. Then we only need to change the storytelling and the marketing around it. But we don’t need to change the overall product. 

Here’s the thing

Just because your solution can support 100s of use cases doesn’t mean you have to throw them all at your sweet spot persona. What Retorio did is the secret to achieving rapid traction. They focused on niching down with ultra-precision – finding the most valuable and critical use case to find the easiest way in and exceed expectations from the start. That opens the doors and willingness to expand rapidly from there. 


Here’s the link to the full episode: (His quote is around the 21.19 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon:

Out of the +1200 things your SaaS solution can do – what’s the one use-case you could focus on to become irresistible to your ideal customers?


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