🔆 "We started to get a lot of "no's"

Yesterday I asked the CEO of one of my clients: What was the strategic challenge you faced that triggered you to start the project with me?

And the answer was short and straightforward: “We’re moving up-market and started to get a lot of “no’s.”

“Previously, we sold to smaller companies, and they (apparently) were ‘OK’ that we talked a lot about our product and our +1000 features.”

“Fact is – as we move upstream and work with larger, often global brands, that started to work less and less. And that’s a real problem.”

For context: This is a SaaS Scaleup, founded in 2011, serving over 3000 customers in 50 countries and employing +400 employees.

So, what got me thinking is this: Why did it have to take ten years for them to realize this?

Here’s the thing:

  • Customers, small, midsized, or large, will always prefer value over product talk. It’s just the volume of companies you deal with in the low end that blurs your picture. The problem was always there.
  • Another thing that hides the challenge you are facing is that (luckily for you) most of your competitors are selling features, not value. Hence, everyone looks and feels the same.
  • The third: Our forecasting habits are virtually always related to doing ‘just a bit more than last year.’ Hence complacency kicks in.

Just imagine how much value has been left on the table… Mindblowing.

The question for you to reflect upon

What weak signals in your SaaS business silently hold you back from achieving its true potential?


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