๐Ÿ”† “We’re stuffing our customers too much”

๐Ÿ”† “We’re stuffing our customers too much”

So many of the challenges I see in B2B SaaS companies have to do with our urge to make the deal bigger. What if we’d turn that around?

Last week, one CEO I spoke with hit the nail on the head by saying, “I often think we’re stuffing our customers too much.”

So what was he concerned about?

  • To make our quota, we aim to increase the size of each deal.

  • With that, we’re complicating the entire process, making the customers’ decisions harder and riskier.

  • If we close the deal, the implementation process is doomed due to the enormous scope of work.

  • With that, we’re introducing a poor time to value and present a higher risk of failure, and last but not least…

  • We’re often left with nothing to upsell, shooting ourselves in the foot with a Net Revenue Retention (NRR) perceived as too low.

All in all, no one wins. Not our customer, not us as a vendor.

So what if we’d flip this?

  • Find a route into a larger company with a deliberately small scope that solves a mission-critical problem at the departmental level.

  • Sidetracking competition by taking out significant risks to close the deal fast

  • Creating internal fans by shortening the time to value

  • Creating momentum by leveraging the internal vibe, creating a flywheel to grow 4-7x within the 1st year through upselling

Question for you to reflect upon

Are you stuffing your customers too much in your initial sale? What if you’d flip that?

Do a favor: share your thoughts in the comments. Or ask a question – we’re here to help.

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