🔆 What accelerates Product-Market fit?

Since Product-Market Fit is so crucial to the success of a SaaS business, one question I get is: How can we accelerate the process? 

Let’s be clear: From my own experience, Product-Market fit is not something you can plan in sprints or a budget. It’s not something you define. Product-market fit is what the market determines. Product-market fit is something you feel, not plan.

The big question then becomes: Are there ways to accelerate it? The answer is yes.

Here are three simple steps that are highly beneficial to speed up the process.

  • The who: Be ultra-specific about who’s it for / who’s it not for. I.e., develop it for someone, not everyone. Note – picture a person and aim to understand what drives that person beyond demographics. Dig into his/her worldview: What he/she cares about. What he/she stands for. What he/she aspires. 
  • The what: Be ultra-specific about the one thing your ideal persona wants from your solution. Beware, this is not about output but the outcome, i.e., a tangible result that’s both valuable and critical to him/her. 
  • The how: Obviously, you need to deliver the basics, i.e., the table stakes, first. But don’t stop there. It’s not about what you build but how your ideal user experiences it. Note: this is not about a slick UX – it’s about the one thing your ideal persona would miss if it were gone. Tip: Think about what your ideal user should say when you ask them: What’s the moment our solution makes the most significant difference for you in your day? It is where everything comes together.

Key takeaway: Acceleration is about trimming, not adding scope. The quality of the experience drives fit rather than the quantity of the features.

Question for you to reflect upon:

What can you do differently in your next sprint to accelerate product-market fit?


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