🔆 What can you become remarkable at in 30 days?

30 days ago, I started a challenge…

My quest was: 🤔 What can you become remarkable at in 30 days? 📈

I’d been pondering the months before with these thoughts:

What would be the impact if I’d post every day?
And, what if I’d start a daily email list?

I’d been inspired by people like Seth Godin 🌔 and Jonathan Stark, who decided to double down on this – and all of them I’ve heard say:

“It’s the best thing I could have done to my business.”

So I decided to join the #brand30 challenge led by Andrew Mewborn and loved it! And not because I kept a streak of 30 days.

The real reason?
Because of these three ‘gifts’:

👉 – Joy – Writing every day has now become a habit, and it’s actually become easier.
👉 – Value – I learned what works and what doesn’t. With this knowledge, I can resonate better with my audience.
👉 – Energy – It’s proven a great way to experiment and accelerate learning.

Would I do it again? Heck yes!
I’d recommend this challenge to all of you.


Be Remarkable

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