🔆 What does your 'Days to lost' metric look like?

The CEO recently asked the head of sales of one of my customers to present the key learnings from three years of solid growth. 

As we went through the metrics, there was indeed substantial progress. For example, the win rate grew to 62% (+41%), and the average deal size tripled. But as we went through the data, one metric stood out to me: A 4x difference in ‘Days to lost’ compared to similar divisions in their group.

In the past three years, their ‘days to lost’ metric dropped from +160 to 105 days, whereas in similar divisions in other countries, it hovered around 400.

Here’s the thing:

SaaS metrics will increase when you say ‘no’ earlier and more often.

No one wins by holding on to deals that we’ll never win. These deals drag everything. 

  • They distract the sales team
  • They distract the presales team
  • They distract your execs with false forecasting insights
  • They distract your delivery team with wrong workload insights

Remarkable software companies acknowledge they can’t please everyone. They’re turning the discovery into an audition for the prospect. That allows them to qualify out fast – to spend all their precious time helping those that fit perfectly. With that, everyone wins.

Question for you to reflect upon

What does the average ‘days to lost’ metric look like for your SaaS business? What can you do today to slice it by 75%?


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