🔆 What feeling are your SaaS customers buying from you?

🔆 What feeling are your SaaS customers buying from you?

One quote from my interview with Jonathan Kazarian, CEO of Accelevents, earlier this week represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. 

When I asked him – What has been the biggest lesson learned selling to your first 100 customers? – this is what he answered:

We built a company around that mantra recognizing that event professionals have this sense of urgency that’s few and far between. So it’s a unique industry because there’s this concrete deadline which you need to build towards. And we just wanted to build a company focused on ensuring our customers could deliver what they need to do. 

We’re doing our job if we can help somebody get an extra 15 minutes of sleep the night before their event.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not about how easily their customers can organize an event – it’s about giving them the feeling of security that they can execute their event without hiccups – no matter what. And that’s what gives Accelevents defensible differentiation.

It’s a trait remarkable SaaS companies master. They focus on the essence, create new value possibilities and then position what’s valuable and desirable.

Listen to the interview with Jonathan (the quote starts at the 13.06 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon

What feeling are your customers buying from you? 


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