๐Ÿ”†ย  What guarantee would make you sweat - but your customers cheer?

What guarantee would make you sweat – but your customers cheer? That was the subject of yesterday’s CEO Mastermind. Thought-provoking…

Why? Because answering this question can change your SaaS business for good.

Here’s the thing:

In B2B SaaS, we often promise the moon – but don’t back it up with guarantees.

I often hear people say, ‘yes, sure, you have to take it with a grain of salt.’

Obviously, our prospects spot this as well. The result? Skepticism.

So what if we’d address this and not only make a bold promise but instead guarantee it? Here are some ideas:

Think in outcomes

  • Retention/engagement rates that will improve x% – guaranteedย 
  • X% of revenue will convert to Ebitda – guaranteed
  • Accelerate time to sale with x days – guaranteed

Think in risks

  • We take on liability for all fraud that takes place on our platform
  • We take on liability for charging and remitting sales taxes, globally
  • We ensure no Inbound lead gets lost – guaranteed

Think about things they never have to bother about any more

  • We reconcile your revenue data across billing and payment methods
  • We handle all billing-related support queries for you
  • Reduce churn by recovering failed payments

Imagine what would happen…

  • … in the mind of prospects.ย 
  • … to our competitive position
  • … to our ability to monetize premium levels
  • … to our ability to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates

The rule: the more it makes you sweat – the bigger your defensible differentiation. It’s what you can evolve into – keep raising the bar every quarter, strengthening your promise and credibility while increasing your distance from competitors.ย 

Question for you to reflect upon:

What guarantee would make you sweat – but your customers cheer? What if you’d add that to your value proposition?


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